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content_site_logoPerformance Travel is a member of Site. Site stands for Society of Incentive Travel Executives. More than 2000 professionals from the incentive world gathered in this global community. Site was founded in 1973 and has chapters in more than 85 countries around the world. The headquarters of Site is located in Chicago, USA. The Dutch chapter is a very active chapter with more than 110 professionals, making it the second largest chapter in the world.
Site is the only international authority that focuses on the influence of motivational experiences on business results. The network of Site members offers the best solutions, clear approaches and offers the most relevant international connections to enhance the business strength of motivational experiences.
The members of Site meet each other often, both nationally and internationally, with the goal of exchanging ideas and experiences from the incentive industry. Performance Travel attends as many meetings as possible, to pick up new incentive ideas, create exposure for our brand and stay up to speed on the incentive industry new developments.